3 Drawer File Cabinet: Useful Organizational Tool

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Wooden 3 Drawer File Cabinet On Wheel

3 drawer file cabinet – A file cabinet can be a useful organizational tool, but this potentially good storage place is just filled haphazardly with paper, it may be more of a nuisance than a help. If your filing cabinet is a black hole that newspapers disappear, spend time organizing it. By putting up some good organizational system, you can make your filing cabinet, a good office items.

Allow yourself to determine what rests in each box without even opening it. Place detailed labels on front of each 3 drawer file cabinet. If you can easily fit every item in each box in a category, placing category name as title on box front. If not, create a list of various categories on an index card and put it into face of box.

Turn your filing cabinet to a rainbow of organization by employing color-coding. Instead of choosing hanging files in all one color, order a multicolored pack. Assign each category of items your filing cabinet contains a set color, and use file folder to match. If you place outer labels in your 3 drawer file cabinet, write title of each category in corresponding color. For example, if bills, contracts and receipts will all go in same box, but rest in different colored folders, write each category title in same color as folders you will place objects.

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