3 Person Swing With Canopy

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3 Person Patio Swing With Canopy Ideas

3 person swing with canopy – Swing for three seats provide comfortable seating option for your patio, garden or patio. These changes require careful installation or the seat portion can fall from the top of the swing. Most of these changes can withstand a weight of 227-318 kg (500-700 lbs) and are made of cloth and metal both. See the instruction manual that comes with the swing set before mounting your swing. Incorrectly put a swing together can result in injury. Secure the screws with washers. Repeat for the other side. Connect the bars of the legs and the cross bar using the same technique. See the instruction manual for specific instructions. Insert the hanging back and seat rails.

3 person swing with canopy, hang the “hanging bar” at the top of the swing. Place a hook on the left and right of the bar hanger and hang on hooks seat part. See the manual for specific instructions. Connect the canopy swings. Unfold the canopy and insert the “bar marquee” into the holes in the edges of the canopy. Adjust the canopy on top of the rack and place the canopy of the top frame bar. Tighten a bolt and washer.

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