Assembly Instruction For Bunk Beds Twin Over Full

Bunk Beds Twin Over Full – first for assembly bunk beds twin over full, Insert the barrel nuts that come with bunk bed in the mounting holes on both ends of each side rail. You should have a total of four rails and 16 barrels of nuts, which are small cylinders. Set the end against the wall and attach the side rails by putting two of the bolts through the headboard and rails on each side. Tighten bolts with an Allen key. Connect the other end of the rails to the base plate by putting two screws through the holes on each side of the steps and into the rail, and tighten with the Allen key. Do support to full bed frame so that the mounting holes in line with those in the middle of the headboard and foot-board. Insert the screws with your bunk and tighten with an Allen key.

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Next steps for assembly bunk beds twin over full, Placing the assembled whole bed frame in the location you bed, and foot-board appropriate. Align the remaining two side rails so that the holes in the end with the holes in the double headboard. Insert two bolts through the double headboard and rails, and tighten. Insert two screws through the footrest and into the rails at the opposite end, and tighten. Install guardrails on each side of the bed if they are provided with your bunk. Secure the rail with the screws. Install slat kit comes with bunk bed on the assembled twin and full frames, and secure each with wood screws. Most wood frame bunk beds, you can find per-drilled holes in each end of the rails and the center of the screws needed to secure the slats.

Next for assembly bunk beds twin over full, Locate the mounting holes on top of the full bed headboard and foot-board. Insert the metal pin included with your bed in these holes. Raise the bed across the bed and line up the pins with the holes in the bottom of the headboard and foot-board legs. Slide double over the pins and make sure it is fully pressed over the pins on both sides at each end. Make sure all screws are tightened so that the bunk bed frame does not move or wobble, and install mattresses.

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