Beautiful Tiny Bathroom Ideas

Need to have a shower in bathroom but there is little space available? Open showers, pedestal sinks furniture, or using mirrors and glass are tricks that will help you save space in bathroom. In here we give you tiny bathroom ideas that can help you.

In small bathrooms where we need a shower but there is little space, an interesting option is called “open shower”. No shower, only a small transparent screen and sometimes not even that. Thus every centimeter to be seriously is maximized.

Use light colored for tiny bathroom ideas. White, beige, ivory, pearl gray are neutral colors that provide light. If you have a small bathroom playing with these colors is a good solution. Then also they help to give a sense of spaciousness mirrors, glass or metal surfaces.

Small corner sink that incorporates a small useful to leave toothbrushes, soap or some embellishment. If you have tiny bathroom ideas with a sink of these ancient (from 60-70 years) with pedestal, you will not have room for any conventional furniture. Good news is that no furniture to suit old pedestal sinks. Your bathroom not only to gain in storage capacity, you have drawers and shelves in cabinet. Besides bathroom it looks more modern and beautiful.

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