Beautiful Wall Mounted Bookshelves

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Wall Mounted Shelf Rack

Wall-mounted shelves are a great way to add storage space to a room that is running out of floor space. They can also provide space for ornaments that would otherwise be delegated to a crowded shelf or cabinet. A single wall shelf is easy to build, wood colors and patterns when choosing a piece of wood, and seeking support for the platform to match the look of the –Beautiful Wall Mounted Bookshelves room where you are

beautiful wall mounted bookshelves Finding a stud in the wall behind the area where the shelf will crash. Move the stud finder slowly along the wall until the indicator light begins to shine. Mark the first edge of the beam. Continue moving the stud finder slowly until the light goes off. Enter the second edge of the beam.

The screws beautiful wall mounted bookshelves that secure the platform to have to be placed directly in the middle of these two brands Place a shelf support angle in the center of the two brands. Hold the shelf support against the wall with one hand and secure it to the wall with the other using two or three 2-1 / wood screws 2 inches and a drill with a Phillips screwdriver bit.

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