white freestanding bathtubs

When many people think of freestanding bathtubs, imagine a home in past, filled with antiques dark, with agents in white aprons running down back stairs. Fortunately, separate tub is not a thing of past.  Standing baths give an air of elegance to your bathroom and your home. Bathtubs independent been around for thousands of years, […]

Standard Rainfall Shower Head

Rain showers help you soak all parts of the body and give you a feeling of cleanliness. When looking for a rainfall shower head, you will find many options and eventually that suits you. The showers of rain brand will give your bathroom a look unique. These work like a normal shower head rain, but […]

Beadboard bathroom houzz

Choose from a variety of bead boards for your decorating project bathroom, including pine, oak, fir, cedar and MDF varieties of different thicknesses. Installation is the reverse of bead board complex: the edges of the panel with tongue and groove fit together to create a perfect facade. Advantages of beadboard bathroom include your wipe ability […]

Bronze Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

A recessed toilet paper holder flush is held flat against the wall, and the bar is placed at or near the level of the wall so that part of the holder extends into the wall. Undermines the caulking around the outer edges of the current holder paper toilet with a spatula. Remove the putty with […]

Mini Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Remodeling your bathroom? You can plan to turn it into a totally elegant area. Option for a rustic style is the best way if you want to give a warm and elegant touch bathing area. Well, your application correctly is the key to a quarter of a defined bath and looks impressive. From the basics […]

Modern Handicapped Toilets

Design requirements for handicapped toilets for disabled are governed by the rules of accessible design, ensuring that disabled toilet facilities are available and usable for whom ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) needed. These requirements are to be applied throughout the design, construction and alteration of buildings and facilities. All bathrooms in new buildings including handicapped toilets must […]

Kid's Toilet Tissue Holder

A bracket flush toilet tissue holder is a great space saver for small bathrooms. The front of the stand is the level of a wall or cabinet and toilet tissue is saved inside the wall or cabinet. Install a stand flush toilet tissue requires a little more work than installing one standard, but will obviously […]

Stunning Wall Mount Toilet

Bathrooms can be configured in different ways. One such design uses a toilet tank of wall mount toilet. Wall brackets connecting the tank to the wall, rather than on the ground floor. Like any plumbing fixture, toilet tanks can be damaged or broken due to wear and tear. If this happens, you have to remove […]

Floating Bathroom Vanity Units

Of course we can make floating bathroom vanity as an option that offers the concept of luxury and a better setting. The whole detail and an impressive selection of this kind will also be part of the application that is quite different. In addition, the integration and the concept of choice are quite interesting as […]

Mirrored Bathroom Vanity With Sink

Some of the recommendations given by mirrored bathroom vanity are considered to be an important option. Moreover, we will also get the convenience and adjustments are more different. All elements are implemented as this will also allow us to get a very good choice. Usually some of the settings used adjustments will also be adjusted […]