Modern Universal TV Stand

Universal TV stand – Before you can sit back and enjoy TV on a plasma or LCD TV, it is necessary to mount the TV on the stand. Almost all flat-panel TVs with a separate stand that must install to stand up straight. The base of the stand can be square, round or quadrupeds. But […]

Tall Corner TV Stand Cabinet

Tall corner TV stand is one of the best ideas for more space; an additional advantage of using a corner to install your TV is that you will avoid this to be the focus of attention, causing it to head for socialization. The most practical solution for you depends on which layout, as well as […]

Model Design TV Stands For Flat Screens

The appearance of TV stands for flat screens on the wall has meant, among other things, a change in the decoration of houses and premises. The slim thickness makes it much easier to place and opens up a possibility before complicated: hang on the wall. Besides being aesthetically it gives us more freedom to place […]

Rustic Reclaimed Wood TV Stand

We show you  12 ideas that will inspire you when creating your own furniture reclaimed wood TV stand. It remains attentive because it’s trend in decoration. One of the fashions that are born of the vintage trend is to create environments with decorative wooden planks recycled. Use pallets unarmed is one of the most economical […]

Wonderful Rustic TV Stands

Mix Industrial And Rustic TV Stands – Using dark stained wood and galvanized pipes resources will allow we to have a rustic and industrial TV stand. Started with two large plates, they are pine 3.5 x 2 ft and about 1 inch thick. Sanding wood a bit, helping to keep the stain to the surface […]

Cherry Wood TV Stand with Drawers

There are many options for TV stands; some can be used like cherry wood TV stand, while others may be easily adapted. Some only accommodate smaller sets, and other support larger sets. Options are limited by your budget, sense of style and imagination. Some parts may already exist in your home, while others require making […]

Swivel Retractable TV Stand

Retractable TV stand was to hide the screen behind a table. Two solutions were possible: either the screen remains in place or the table rises, the table is still in place and the TV down. We were able to sit against the wall of the living room in case of imposing a monumental gueuleton U […]

Rustic Wood TV Stand Wall

One of oldest decorative and more years of travel styles, is rustic wood TV stand. When we hear word rustic at times we think of something old or outdated, or even dirty and outdated. rustic style is a very distinctive style that is often used in cottages especially in large farmhouses, estates or mansions that […]

Universal Bookshelf TV Stand

Bookshelf TV stand – I like watching movies and videos of YouTube on my tablet and the truth is that I never know how to do to stay on his feet, so I thought that by recycling some Styrofoam could make a stand for tablet imitating the television series mythical ” The Flintstones ” and […]

Outdoor Motorized TV Stand

Motorized TV stand have a universal remote with that also support television moves. With the advent of flat screens and home proliferation of multiple electronic devices that can be found on the market, such as DTT decoders, DVD players, consoles, etc, the furniture on which to place these instruments also. They are more sophisticated, to […]