Concrete Decorative Wall Paneling

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Decorative Wall Paneling Ideas

Concrete decorative wall paneling is one of the best friends of a builder and you’ll see why when you begin to work with yourself. Concrete is a very forgiving medium that is easy to work and resulting in a strong finished product. While concrete is wet, any number of templates can be used to create patterns on the finished surface. This makes it possible to create imitation tiles, marble, granite and other finishes.

Place a plastic tarp on the floor in the area that will work. Concrete decorative wall paneling can be difficult to remove from surfaces once dry so it is best to be safe and cover. Set the 5-gallon bucket in plastic sheeting. Mix a batch of concrete drill and paint stirring attachment. Apply a thin layer of concrete to the wall with a trowel.

Press the concrete decorative wall paneling template with textured side against the concrete. Clean the edges of the stencil area with a rotary tool equipped with some concrete sanding. Empty any loose debris from the area of concrete panel with a handheld vacuum. Paint the concrete or concrete stain applied with a brush. Use wax paper to cover areas you do not want painted (or you want to paint in alternate colors).

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