Creative Half Bathroom Ideas

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Apartment Half Bathroom

Half bathroom ideas, may pose decorating dilemmas for homeowners. Because they are small, people run out of ideas on what to do.  You can be creative without spending much money, and it does not take much time to complete.

Easiest half bathroom ideas are to match or complement style of your home. If rest of your house is in style of old world, you can choose style for your bathroom as well. Some people try to be more daring in design when it comes to decorating half bathroom, because customers use them and they want to make a statement and choose a design that is completely different from rest of house. While there is nothing wrong with that entirely, a consistent style for rest of house is better as it remains true to its design theme.

Apply paint or wallpaper to add color and texture to your walls. Try sponge painting, hazing, stencil, mural or Venetian plaster your walls to give them more depth. Paint ceiling to bring eye upward. Choose metallic colors for ceilings to give feel and appearance of opulence. Add wood moldings can give more character for half bathroom ideas. Choose tiles or wood for your floors.

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