DIY: Decorative Designs For Custom Awnings

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Decorating A Canopy Tent

Custom Awnings – If you can make good sketches of your home, you can create a template for an outdoor awning. Use design books and websites for ideas but create various designs to determine which best match your home. Awnings can be constructed in various shapes and designs. However, it is best to install one that is proportional to your home to complement it, as it should be in harmony with what is already in place.

Considerations on the roof because custom awnings can be placed on a balcony, patio, sliding glass door, doors or French windows. They are made ​​to shade and protect, but can also add style and beauty to a home. Using metal or wood to build an underlying structure, you can make a curved awning, with jagged edges or slanted. In developing the initial sketches, make awnings models fit the lines of the roof of the house.

Analyze the neighborhood custom awnings to define a style. For example, if you have a home in a metropolitan area, you can use an awning with curved tissue, which devalue a house on the farm. Awnings can be constructed with both curved sides or they can have only the roof, without side. Can be fixed or oscillate with a mechanical crank, or with a motorized drive. Decide whether you want a fixed awning to match the roof of your home or if you want a fabric, bamboo, metal or wood just for shade.

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