Free Standing Air Conditioner

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Free Standing Air Conditioner 2017

A free standing air conditioner can be moved from one room to another to regulate the air. An exhaust hose is connected to the back of the unit and is essential for the functionality of the air conditioner. The unit itself requires no installation, but the exhaust pipe must be installed accompanying both the unit and a window.

The air conditioner comes with a free foot exhaust hose to be connected to a window or wall opening, so that the free standing air conditioner should be placed near a window. An ideal place is experiencing temperatures do not drop below 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the limits of cooling unit. Make sure the unit is placed on a smooth, flat surface. Note that the bottom of most unit’s wheel features to aid in ease of movement.

Once the location of the unit is selected, the slider window component must be installed in the window. The slider adjusts the window in a small section made by a slightly open window. The outlet tube free standing air conditioner fits the sliding window opening. The rest of the exterior window sliding blocks air from entering the room and into the air to escape. Slide the slider in the open window and closed the window sash down at the top safely.

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