Futuristic Fireplace Decorative Sheet Metal

Fireplace mantel is a traditional place for decoration, as it forms a natural platform. Season mantelpiece with an unusual accent material such as decorative sheet metal, not only make area most striking fireplace, also add a touch of avant-garde style to room. If you want your mantle look futuristic, quirky or contemporary, veneer can be used to add one-of-a-kind character and charm.

Cut a rectangular piece of decorative sheet metal to size of flat surface “platform” from his mantelpiece. Clear decorative elements of shelf and left sheet metal, forming a bright new basis for mantelpiece. You can protect metal surface to ledge or let it loose if you plan to place unstable objects on top of it. This is an even simpler way high impact of incorporating decorative veneer on your mantel because a large percentage of mantels as cover.

Place strips of veneer to narrow vertical portions of mantelpiece, making unusual crop. This approach to use of decorative veneer is particularly appropriate if you only have a small amount of decorative sheet metal or if you do not want to cover too much color base of chimney. Using adjustment plate in his mantelpiece evoke a similar silver foil, but at a significantly lower cost decorative effect.

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