How To Clean Copper Awnings

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Copper Awnings Baton Rouge

Copper awnings – Copper is a single metal, with an unusual color ranging from pink to bright orange, is a conductor and is used in electrical wiring. It is also soft and is easily folded and molded into different shapes for jewelry and household items. The problem is that stain very easily, leaving an appearance that some people consider more beautiful. To keep the brightness, you need to wash and polish the surface frequently. It is not difficult to clean the metal, but we must do this often. But the beauty of copper makes the extra effort is worth the long term. The following tips will help the awning maintenance.

Start by washing the sheets with warm water and soap. This should always be the first step in the copper awnings cleaning. A little physical effort, but it removes dirt from the copper surface is required. You will need to use a ladder to get to the awning.

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Clean copper awnings with small spots with a simple paste made with vinegar, salt and flour. Mix all ingredients in equal amounts for a consistency similar to a folder. Spend it with a soft cloth and then rinse the awning well with a hose and use a dry, soft cloth to polish the copper until shining.

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