How To Key A Liquor Cabinet With Lock

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Beautiful Liquor Cabinet With Lock

Storage of alcohol in a liquor cabinet with lock adequate guarantees the safety of your alcohol, and protects your children to access it accidentally. Some choose to pad or button combination locks. Lock Kit contains everything you need to easily assemble a block on your liquor cabinet.

Education to key a liquor cabinet with lock: purchase of a kit cabinet lock, and read the instructions. Place the block on the unit as shown in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Use a screwdriver to screw the rear part of the locking mechanism on the door inside of the cabinet with the screws for the lock kit. Be sure to research the screwdriver is required before starting the installation of the block.

Screw the front of the lock on the outside door of your closet. Finally, to key a liquor cabinet with lock, set the lock and test it. Test of the lock is important for the good operation.

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