How To Sail Canopy Awning For Your Yard

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Cute Sail Canopy For Patio

An awning sail canopy is affordable to a pergola or an umbrella alternative and effective solution to keep your PC protected from the sun patio. The shade sails come in triangular or square versions, and generally hang several to create an entertaining. Consider alternate corners of the sheet to hang low and high, with a minimum slope of 18 degrees for better visual appearance. Make and install your own shade sail canopy only requires few materials.

Cut your canopy awning if necessary so that all sides are straight and even. This is a chain stitch fabric that does not require hem. Place the punch team buttonhole about 6 cm inward from the tip of the corner of the sail canopy. Press the punch with a hammer to make a hole. Repeat this process for the other three corners of the sail.

Press a buttonhole team through one of the holes and invert. Adjust the side with eyelet setter tips in the back of the eye, inside the foot. Keep the setter upright while you hit it with a hammer. This will ensure the eye and form a protective border around the hole. Repeat for the other three holes in the sail.

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