How To Troubleshoot A Jetted Bathtub

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Jetted Bathtub Brands

After a stressful day, nothing like closing the door, turn on the music and fall into your spa. As is the case with any appliance, a jetted bathtub may not function properly. You can use the integrated spa tub to help diagnose and solve everyday problems that can occur technology. Check the circuit breaker if the spa is not working. Make sure the unit is plugged in and inspect the plug is damaged. Reset the circuit breaker if necessary. Press the “Jets” sensor if the pump does not work but the fan and light are working. If you do not hear the sound or only after you hear a buzz, there is a problem with the engine that needs to be diagnosed more than a service professional.

Make sure the pump is set to high speed when little water flowing from the jetted bathtub. Press the “Jets” sensor to the spa reaches high speed water flow improvement. If this does not improve the problem, make sure that massage selectors are facing forward, not sideways. Make sure the water level is high enough to cover the jetted bathtub; otherwise it will not work. Remove the three filters and check to dirt. Replace dirty filters.

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