How To Truck Canopy To Pass By A Rope Pulley System

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Truck Canopy Awning

Truck canopy can be heavy and difficult to put in Bolero. You can simplify the process by using mechanical advantage through a gear in the truck canopy. Many systems on the market are manufactured sets. Alternatively, you can make eight pulleys hook screw system, with static ropes in a garage or shed. Once installed pulleys, you must pass the rope through them to mount the system effectively.

Measure the distance between pulleys along the rafters. Make the distance the length of the truck canopy. Install the hanger bolts on both sides of the measured distance. Put two screws to 10 cm each end. Go to the next rafters and put another set of screws in the same distances. In the end, you should have four sets of two screws.

Open each pulley in the pipeline; these are open to push the rail through the shaft. Put an axis through each bolt, muskets can go up or down. Slide the pulleys on track and turn the musket clockwise until it locks, then make 1/4 turn counter-clockwise.

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Pass the rope through a pulley on the outside of a rafter on truck canopy. Run the rope down the rafter to the pulley in the opposite direction. Pull the rope down the pulley so that it is close to the ground Repeat with another piece of rope and another set of pulleys in the same rafter. Close the muskets of the pulleys.

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