Installing Pebble Tile Shower Floor

Bring the beauty of nature indoors with river pebble tile shower floor. River pebbles tiles are great for showers from the look of natural stone and combination of neutral colors complement any decor. Remove the existing material covering the shower walls and floor. Clean the concrete base and remove all dust and loose dirt with a broom. Deck shower walls and concrete floor, leaving the drain opening uncovered by 2 inches on all sides, with roll-on waterproofing membrane. Press the river pebble tiles into the adhesive mortar, additional tiles interlock like a puzzle.

Continue to spread the glue and press river pebble tile shower floor in the mortar until the shower is complete. Apply a thin coat of penetrating sealer on all tabs shingle installed inside the shower river. Apply sanded grout over the entire tile shower with a rubber trowel, working 2 by 2 foot sections at a time. Let the sanded grout to harden for 30 minutes.

Brush on river pebble tile shower floor with a hard to remove all excess grout brush. Dip a large sponge with water and remove remaining slurry to achieve the desired look. Allow the grout to dry overnight. Run the second and final layer penetrating sealer on river pebbles tile with a sponge.

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