Long Media Console Plan Ideas

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Amazing Long Media Console

Long media console – Several ideas to decorate the room by placing a dresser behind the sofa, a simple formula and aesthetics that will help in the distribution of this room when you have no choice but to place the sofa in the middle of the room. This usually happens when the room is very large or when there is a wide free zone between the wall and the sofa, either because it is a passage area or to avoid that this piece is very Away from the TV cabinet.

Ideas long media console, the sensation that causes us to enter a room where the sofa is not next to the wall is not precisely the most aesthetic. On the one hand, the sofa can be as misplaced or lost there in the middle.  On the other hand, the back of the sofa is the ugliest and voluminous part of this piece. So as aesthetic is to see upon entering the stuck to the wall with appropriate supplements salon.

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To alleviate this situation, we recommend placing a service unit behind the sofa. Decorate long media console, you can choose from a dresser. And one bed low rise or even a table desk to check the computer while watching TV. This auxiliary furniture helps to separate spaces, being the most common that separates the seating area from the dining room. In addition to aesthetic it is very useful choose a sideboard with doors. And also drawers to give service to the dining table.

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