Making Canvas Awnings

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Canvas Awning Fabric

Canvas awnings – Awnings serve a variety of purposes. The main thing is to protect you from inclement weather. Whether you have a scorching sun or heavy rain, a canvas awning provides a barrier between you and the elements. You can view campers awnings on windows mobile homes and even alone on the beach. Since a strong awning and a good size can be expensive, some people choose to do theirs.

Cut a large piece of canvas awnings according to size. Sew the hem with a sewing machine industrial power. Measure the size of the canvas and then mark the area in your home. Punch a hole in each corner of the house where the canvas awning will crash.

Hooks inserted into pre-drilled holes in the house. This is the place where you install to the awning. Place grommets in each corner of the canvas. Put a metal ring 1 inch in the two corners that go together to the house. Clava two posts of metal or PVC pipes. So far your canvas awnings are extended. The two eyelets found on the opposite end of the canvas metal rings placed over the posts enter.

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