Place Floating TV Console With Brackets

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Floating TV Console

Place Floating TV Console With brackets – Measure the length of your TV console. Unless the console you plan to install is not exactly the same length as your television set, you need to ensure console are centered on the wall above and behind the booth. Have a helper position the floating TV console on the wall where you want it installed. Check level and centered above the TV stand and at the appropriate height. Put floating TV console is just where you want it; mark the wall with a pencil where the bottom corners of the console meet.

Select where you want to place the floating TV console on the wall. Measure the space and mark the spot where you want to install floating TV console on the wall. Mount the floating TV console with screws. If wall studs behind the sheetrock, you need to use anchors. Otherwise, use the sliders are a good idea to make sure your console is fixed to the wall.

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Next steps for place floating TV console, Screw the console to the top of the brackets by inserting the screw upward from the bracket on the console. Press down on top of the console when you put the screw in and up on the console. Check that the screws that you use for this part of the installation are not so long that when fully screwed, poking out the top so your console space.

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