Requirements Handicapped Toilets

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Handicapped Toilets

Design requirements for handicapped toilets for disabled are governed by the rules of accessible design, ensuring that disabled toilet facilities are available and usable for whom ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) needed. These requirements are to be applied throughout the design, construction and alteration of buildings and facilities.

All bathrooms in new buildings including handicapped toilets must provide at least one accessible toilet for handicapped having an accessible route. The minimum width of a standard bucket is 60 inches. A sidebar grip should be 33-36 inches above the finished floor. Where available six or more positions, plus an accessible stop, at least one seat 36 inches wide and equipped with an external-balancing, self-closing door and parallel support bars on the side walls is required.

For positions with an entrance from the front of the toilet, lateral support bar should have a length of 40-42 inches and start at a maximum of 12 inches from the rear wall. A grab bar minimum length of 36 inches, a height between 33 and 36 inches is required behind the handicapped toilets in positions where wheelchairs can enter from the side. Rear grip bar must extend a minimum of 24 inches to the side of the open stop, allowing it to be a left or right side approach.

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