Secret Tehcnique For Crisping Distressed Entertainment Center

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Wooden Distressed Entertainment Center

Today, distressed entertainment center is most coveted and this demand led to development of indigenous distressing furniture techniques. These techniques are used to give a worn by artificial aging furniture look. This is distressing techniques popular furniture, used to simulate effect of sputtering, seen in old furniture. following are some guidelines to get this distressing for crisping furniture.

Before starting distressed entertainment center, first, you have to sand furniture and wipe with a tack cloth. Now paint with a water based color of your choice, as well as to cover entire surface area and allow drying for at least a day. Once dry, make a mixture of wallpaper paste and gum Arabic paper and apply a thick layer of this mixture on furniture. This coating must be completely dry before doing next step. Next step involves application of a single layer of white latex (or any other light color) on coating mixture thickens.

As soon as you are finished with coating, surface area of ​​furniture with help of a hair dryer dried. hair dryer must be on maximum heat, so that cracks appear quickly. Now you can apply acrylic paint layer. You can use a mixture of raw sienna, painting natural shade and a little water. Be sure to use small amounts of paint and allow it to enter cracks and you get distressed entertainment center!

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