What Are Handicap Toilet Specifications

When it comes to public restrooms, there are specific guidelines in place that are designed to make it possible for each toilet to be safe and accessible to those that need them. One of them is the handicap toilet. Understanding the guidelines can help you determine if a public facility may not be adhering to the regulations.

Between the handicap toilet specifications is must be at least 60 inches wide, length must be appropriate for wheelchair users to be able to approach the toilet from any angle, seat heights must be 17″ to 19″ from the floor. Then lever controls and flusher must be mounted on the side with the most floor space and must be at least 44″ from the floor, lever controls must be able to be used by one hand and cannot require excessive force to operate.

Further, faucets have to be automated or require no more than 5lbs of pressure to operate, countertops cannot exceed 34″ tall. The last handicap toilet specifications are there must be at least 17″ of floor space between the toilet and the rear wall. In addition, floor space in front of the toilet must be 30″ wide and 48″ deep.

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